Chemical Free Natural Gas Dehydration Systems

RNG International Limited

Multiphase flow or separating natural gas from oil and water as they leave the wellhead has been an ongoing component of the refining process since resource extractions began. Until now resource companies have had limited solutions to this issue- natural gas dehydration systems that relied upon harsh chemicals including various forms of glycol.

RNG International Limited is proud to have developed and patented the glycol-free natural gas dehydrator unit. It is a revolutionary system that will change the way natural gas flows in the world. It offers gas producers a closed dehydration system needing no additional chemicals, no heat requirements and contains no moving parts. It requires minimal maintenance and offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the current chemical based separation technology. The RNG system significantly reduces operator investment and maintenance requirements. It consists of a number of customizable horizontal vessels and drainage systems that can be configured for various volumes, pressures and corrosive contents.

Our Objectives

Formally established in 2016, RNG International Ltd has the objective to provide natural gas producers with a long term, cost-effective technology that is sensitive to the operators and good to the environment. With the help of our strategic partners, we plan to manufacture and deliver our systems to producers worldwide, offering attractive rental, leasing and purchase options. We also plan to offer licensing options for suppliers in exclusive regions worldwide.

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